The Eudisca Headquarters in use until the beginning of the nineties

The History of a Great Entrepreneurial Tradition in High End Markets.


The History of a Great Entrepreneurial Tradition in High End Markets.

Eudisca was established back in 1972, by Luc Cambier, a keen entrepreneur, successfully exporting Luxury Goods worldwide. From the very beginning, the ability to identify Top Quality Products for demanding Markets, was the driving force behind Eudisca, establishing a solid foundation for the fruitful development of all future activities.

Being family driven, Eudisca continues to embrace unique products and demanding high end markets.

Serving these markets is a natural skill of the Eudisca team, refining the talent to match supply and demand in a first class way.

The new Cambier generation inherited these unique trade talents fully and after a period of research and development, Eudisca developed a new focus on HIGH END FOOD & BEVERAGE markets in Europe and beyond.

Thanks to a well defined business strategy, focusing around superior quality at an affordable cost, Eudisca has built strong relationships with top of the line producers in order to serve demanding markets.

Since 2009, Eudisca has been distributing CHILLED and FROZEN products in the Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and France, including finest BEEF and other Specialities.

Recently, a complete range of finest alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages has been added to our exclusive portfolio.

Today, Eudisca is able to offer a unique range of food and beverage products to delight customers in Gastronomy and High End Retail with full coverage in numerous markets.